Welcome to the Smart SE website!

The Smart Systems and Services innovative professional Education program, or Smart SE program, is a certification program developed as part of the education network for Practical information Technologies (enPiT-Pro) project, funded by the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).The Smart SE program aims to provide specialists already working in fields related to information technology (IT) with additional training and education in smart systems and services that utilize various technologies such as IoT, cloud storage and computing, big data, and artificial intelligence. The objective of this comprehensive certification program is to cultivate 3,000 global talents capable of becoming world leaders of value creation that transcends interdisciplinary boundaries over the next 4 years.

The curriculum is built around three axes that represent the unique characteristics of the program:


  • Courses cover business, applications, information processing, communication and physics, and practical implementation
  • Systemized using iCD and RAMI 4.0 as reference


  • Entry: Introductory content
  • Standard: Specialized knowledge taught at graduate level
  • Advanced: Practical implementation


  • Mandatory “Final Project” to solve real problems corporations face
  • Man-to-man supervision and guidance for final projects

Smart SE courses are designed to combine the best of both worlds: theoretical approaches and perspectives from academia, and practical approaches and perspectives from industry. That network of academia and industry includes 13 universities, 21 organizations, and over 5,000 member corporations will constitute a consortium for the exchange of information and connections.


A part of the lecture of SmartSE was released on edX.
IoT System Architecture: Design and Evaluation