Call for Participation

MEXT enPiT-Pro Smart SE program “Global development and cooperation project in data analytics”

July 17-18, 2021  Green Computing Systems Center, Waseda University

Purpose of the project

The purpose of this 2-day team-based project course is for students to have the experience of working with professional engineers from different cultures in the area of Machine learning and Data analytics in English. This is Non-credit course for university students.
(2019 Report)

Participants from industry and academia will form a team to develop a model and algorithm that drive a small autonomous car, AWS DeepRacer, on a track under a contest environment. Teams will use reinforcement learning algorithms to train their artificial intelligence to complete a round fastest. This is a good opportunity to connect with working professionals from the Smart SE program whose background is in cutting-edge ICT.

Smart SE program is a certification program on smart systems and services that utilize various technologies such as IoT, cloud storage and computing, big data, and artificial intelligence. Smart SE is developed as part of the education network for Practical information Technologies (enPiT-Pro) project, funded by the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).


1st Floor, GCS Center (Green Computing Systems Center),
Waseda University, 27 Waseda-Machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0042  (access)


Language: English
Expected number of students: 4-7 persons
Smart SE students (working professionals): 5-8 persons


Waseda University Nishiwaseda campus students who have learned the basics of Machine learning and can speak English.

Professors in charge

Hironori Washizaki (Waseda University)(TBD)

Schedule (TBD)

Sat, July 17th 2021

13:00-15:35 Opening, DeepRacer Introduction, Development 1
15:45-16:45 Development 2
16:55-17:10 Team presentation, Wrap-up

Sun, July 18th 2021

9:00-10:30 Development 3
10:40-12:10 Development 4
13:10-14:40 Development 5
14:50-17:30 Team presentation, Contest (race), Wrap-up


smartse [at]


MEXT enPiT-Pro Smart SE program

Global Software Engineering Laboratory, Waseda University


    Application Form
    Participants for the Waseda University Smart SE program “Global development and cooperation project in data analytic”
    (Waseda University Students Only)

    Application deadline: June 30, 2021(Wednesday)

    Please note that you may not be able to participate if there are a large number of applications(Capacity:8).
    We will inform you of the result by email.


    Student Number
    【For example】Master's course 1st grade

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    Already learned the basics of Machine Learning and can participate the program in English